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Blessed with sunny weather, the College’s 72nd Mission Fete began with great excitement. Mission Fete was student-oriented and -led, focusing on student initiative and entrepreneurial skills in the service of others. It remains a highlight in the student calendar for all the student agency that energises this day. Chinese origami, mini putt-putt, Lego building competitions, paper plane making, henna tattoos, obstacle courses, discos, and Zen-Zones to relax ‒ we had it all!

Behind the obvious joy of the day lies a powerful message shared with all the students at our opening prayer assembly. Raising funds for Jesuit Mission helps break the cycle of poverty. Animating our global dimension over the past 20 years, funds for Jesuit Mission have gone to schools such as Xavier College in Timor-Leste. The gift of education has seen students progress from a community of poverty into their university studies as teachers, doctors, and engineers who are full of aspiration to shape their world for the better.

As a Jesuit school, we are reminded that the goal of our education is to give meaning to the lives of our students who can contribute to the common good in our own community and in our broader society, and to the future of their planet. Ours is an inspiration ideology in which the purpose of education is the renewal and service of the world.

As a community developing young ‘people for others’, we would like to thank all the parents for your support in this grand endeavour. The act of giving today provides a rich and meaningful opportunity for children to act as change agents with imagination and creativity while in the service of others. Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam ‒ for the greater glory of God.

Nic Boys
Head of Junior School

From the Careers Department
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