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Our Year 5 students gathered early on Wednesday morning for their residential camp this week at Adare Camp and Conference Centre, Victor Harbor. If the chatter of students was anything to go by, they were all incredibly excited to arrive on site after their drive south. After having dropped their bags on site, the students reboarded the bus and made their way down to explore the history and culture of the Ngarrindjeri people as they walked around Granite Island. The brisk conditions didn’t dampen their spirits as they later boarded the Cockle Train to Goolwa.

Arriving back at camp in the afternoon and over the next day and a half students engaged in a number of outdoor team-building activities such as shelter building, survivor challenge, flying kiwi, kayaking, and mountain bike riding. The final day saw the children visit the Goolwa Barrages and the Murray Mouth in relation to their Humanities and Social Sciences unit on the Murray River.

Camps such as these play an incredibly important role in developing resilience and self-confidence. By providing a safe environment for them to take risks, they are all challenged to grow in new and unforeseen ways. The team-building activities provided opportunities to develop their social skills, learn how important it is to listen to others, and learn how they might work together with a shared focus or common goal. In the challenge of being away from home, we often see how students rally around one another and how cliques break open in the sharing of our common humanity.

We are grateful for the ongoing support of parents who trust in the care of staff to provide these opportunities for their loved ones. Watching the children disembark with ear-to-ear grins and tired eyes, we know they had a wonderful time on camp.

Thank you to our dedicated Year 5 teachers and assisting staff who helped make this experience as welcoming and supportive as possible. We are grateful for the care you have taken of our children who share some fantastic memories of their time away together. As teachers we often attest that the development of a child while away on camp is greater than its equivalent time at school. The growth we speak of is far greater than attainment in tests and standardised scores, but is transcendental in nature and is best described as human flourishing.

Mr Nic Boys
Head of Junior School

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