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This week is Book Week, where we recognise and celebrate the power of books in our lives. Beginning with the first oral books, Dreamtime stories provide a wealth of Aboriginal knowledge, spirituality, and wisdom, from when time began. This year’s theme of Dreaming with eyes open … has been depicted by teacher, author, and artist Jasmine Seymour who states that: “Dreaming is not something that only belongs to the past. It is all around us now, then, and always.”

The gift of a great book has the power to enthral, educate, and enliven. They are a uniquely portable magic. They can reach our affective domains through moments of joy, sadness, and laughter. Books allow us to explore unknown frontiers of the past, the present, and a future yet unknown, all from the convenience of the couch.

For some months during his recovery after battle, Saint Ignatius had but two books at his disposal to read. One was on the life of Christ, the other on the lives of the saints and their achievements. These books left Ignatius imagining what he might be able to achieve in service of God and changed his life direction as we know it.

In celebrating the importance of books, we have enjoyed a wonderful week in celebration. Beginning with our Monday liturgy, our students have enjoyed a range of activities including renowned visiting authors Jane Jolly and Mandy Foot and a ‘Story Quest’ performance from Performance Education. The whole school enjoyed a taster Flash Dance of the Year 6 musical production, Ye-Ha!, and of course our annual parade. Thank you to all the mums and dads who helped to provide all those wonderful costumes and were able to join our celebrations on the day.

Mr Nic Boys
Head of Junior School

From the College Counsellors
ABODA Festival