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November opens with two significant days, All Saints Day followed by All Souls Day. Thank you to our Year 6 Student Leaders who led us in last week’s mass celebrating this important feast. At this time, we cherish and celebrate memories of saints – those we have known and those unknown. We also consider how we too are called to become saints, choosing the best way forward in life, and discerning how we may bring delight, peace, and hope to the world.

Our Midyear Reception classes have been bringing this hope into the world through their recent learnings, looking at matters that threaten the Earth, God's creation. Reception students highlighted discarded bottles and cans as a threat to our environment and realised they also provided an opportunity to raise money to help us protect the environment. We raised $99.75 and chose to help God's animals, donating the money to Kangaroo Rescue SA.

Last Wednesday we had the opportunity to have a meet and greet with their newest inhabitants, two baby southern hairy-nosed wombats. Each Reception class spent 15‒20 minutes learning about, watching, and petting the wombats.

We are now holding a 'NAME THE BABY WOMBATS' competition (gold coin donation) amongst the Reception classes and hope to raise even more money to help support them. Kangaroo Rescue SA is linked to the Junior School through Mrs Woods (Front Office Manager), as her sister is the owner. We heard that, after a wonderful Wombat Wednesday morning at the Junior School, both wombats were soon fast asleep in their cages after all that petting!

Thank you to Daun Jaensch in particular for organising this opportunity in which the wonder of God’s creation was experienced in the meeting of these little beings.

Nic Boys
Head of Junior School

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