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We began the week coming together as a whole college to celebrate the Feast of Saint Ignatius.

Our patronal feast day reminds us of the global community to which we belong, as a day celebrated by more than 2,300 Jesuit and companion schools around the world. Together, that is more than 2 million students from all kinds of religious, cultural, social, and language backgrounds in five continents and more than 70 countries. As a college we attested to the extraordinary impact of this man and his desires to do great things, for himself, others, and God.

Ignatius was one who encouraged others to get in touch with their desires in searching for fullness of life. Through the Spiritual Exercises, he encouraged others to take note of what is going on in themselves and their lives and hear the voice of God in the stillness of their heart. This is both a pragmatic and inspirational ideology, helping others to find God in all things within ordinary daily life. Starting as notes for himself, he wrote down his insights, aiding his own efforts to help others to discern the spirits. Since the first publication, the Spiritual Exercises constitutes one of the most read and utilised books ever written. It has been published some 4,500 times, an average of once a month for 400 years, printed an estimation of over 4.5 million times.

On Monday we revelled in great joy at the coming together of our community and continue to celebrate the contemporary expression of this vivid spirituality which, at its heart, defends human rights, praises learning from other cultures, seeks common ground between science and religion, struggles for justice, and honours a God who is actively at work in creation.

Nic Boys
Head of Junior School

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