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Building of a world that is more human

Last Sunday the 19th and this coming Sunday the 26th our children celebrate the sacraments of Confirmation and First Communion. It was wonderful seeing the students as excitable as they were, surrounded by their sponsors and families. Congratulations to all our students who undertook these sacraments. These sacraments of initiation are moments our lives are touched by God’s grace. Not serving as rites of passage alone, these are invitational opportunities to deepen one’s relationship with Christ and their loving creator.

The authenticity of Catholic schools stems from the model and message of Christ who is central to their mission, culture, and identity. Jesuit education draws deeply from values based upon gospel teaching and the person of Jesus. The International Commission on the Apostolate of Jesuit Education proposes Christ as the model for human life, placing Christ at the centre of their schools. Where God is love, it coincides that love should be at the heart of all we do.

Education at Saint Ignatius is deemed as lifelong education in which there is no separation between learning and formation. Within this formation lies a positive anthropology or view of the world in which all are encouraged to use their gifts and graces to change the world for the better through their engagement with it. This formation is built on the audacity of hope, setting hearts on fire, while promoting ‘the complete perfection of the human person, the good of earthly society and the building of a world that is more human’. − The Identity of the Catholic School for a Culture of Dialogue

Mr Nic Boys
Head of Junior School

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