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Wednesday night saw families of Year 4 gather for their child’s First Holy Communion and Confirmation information session. There was a great expression for the parent community to share this gift of faith with their children as they choose to undertake further sacraments of initiation into the Catholic community. Sacraments are recognised as a sign or visible manifestation of God. Ignatian spirituality is rooted in the human experience, in which we can ‘find God in all things’. It is true; we see traces of God in our lives in many ways: through familial love, friends we hold dear, within community, and in the joy of creation.

Sacraments are celebrations that channel God’s grace. College Rector, Father Peter, described the gifts we receive from the Holy Spirit through Confirmation as efficacious – they are enabling. The very same spirit given to the disciples is given unto us. There is no greater gift one can receive than to deepen their relationship with their loving creator, who walks with them in this life and shapes their sense of becoming. As carriers of grace, we are given these gifts to work as co-creators with a loving God in building a hope-filled and just world.

Nic Boys

Head of Junior School

IMG 0336

Year 4 students have loved printing their bespoke 3D designs for their Sacramental journey

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