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With eager faces and a great deal of excitement, our Year 6 students departed school on Monday morning for their camp. Situated in Adelaide Hills, Mylor Adventure Camp provided a beautiful backdrop of wide open spaces, tall river gums, and a section of the fast-flowing Onkaparinga River. While the rain continued sporadically, the weather on camp never dampened the spirits of the children, who were amazing.

Within smaller groups, the children were challenged to work together in canoeing, zip-lining, the ‘mud challenge,’ archery, raft-building, bouldering, and more. The College had also engaged with a local emerging Elder who is part of the award-winning Adelaide Fringe Festival indigenous contemporary dance group ‘Of Desert & Sea Dance.’ On the first evening, the concept of ‘mob’ was unpacked for our children. The indigenous notion of kinship extends to all within the tribe. Regardless of blood lines, all would look after and support each other, as a brother or sister – a notion we were suggesting could be applied across the year level, not just for camp, but thereafter too. On the second night, Iteka and her brother taught traditional dance totems to the girls and boys respectively. The children all enjoyed sharing their animal dance totems and letting loose with some newly learnt hip-hop moves!

On speaking with the children throughout camp, it was obvious that there were a great deal of ‘first time’ experiences shared by many. Camps provide a fantastic opportunity for children to grow and be challenged out of their comfort zones, albeit within a safe, supportive, and controlled environment. Camps such as this provide a wonderful opportunity to build confidence and resilience, make new connections, and deepen existing friendships. A big thankyou goes to the staff who attended camp and provided this wonderful opportunity of growth for our children.

Mr Nic Boys
Head of Junior School

Images above: Students enjoying Year 6 camp!

Aerobics Demonstration
Year 4 Day of Reflection