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During World War II, a French village lost a beloved statue of Christ in a bombing raid. The villagers managed to rebuild the statue, except for its hands. Those pieces were never found in the rubble. Finally, the villagers placed a plaque on the statue with the inscription, “I have no hands but yours.”

This week Class 4 Gold shared the story and message of the ascension into heaven. Even though Jesus is not with us in person, His spirit lives on in our hearts through our joy, our courage, and our good deeds, and whenever we share the good news with others. This week’s gospel reading sets us a challenge in how we show others that Jesus lives on in us.

Called to set the world alight, our students are engaged each year in the Arrupe Outreach Program. This social justice program ensures students are engaged in tangible works of action through their class or year level. The Junior and Senior School have also received a great number of food and warm clothing donations from many families for the St Vincent’s Winter Appeal. The Year 6 student leaders have run a student talent show, showcasing the diverse and wonderful talents of our children. With everything including magic tricks, singing, dancing, Rubik’s cube speed solving, instrumental performances, and much more, our students are putting their talents at the disposal of others. Gold coin donations have been collected by the audience, with proceeds going to charity. There have been so many opportunities in which our hope-filled students are acting as young persons for others.

Lastly, congratulations to all the children who put themselves forward for the Years 4 to 6 Ignatius Poetry Performance last week. There were some fantastic entrants, and all displayed great courage in their vulnerability to perform in front of others. We wish the finalists of each year group the best of luck as they prepare for the Independent Primary School Heads Association Poetry Competition.

Nic Boys
Head of Junior School

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