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Reconciliation Week

This week we celebrated Reconciliation Week where the focus was ‘Be Brave. Make Change.’ As with our own community that prizes learning from other cultures, this theme speaks of the responsibility we each have to collectively build our own understanding and appreciation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, histories, and cultures as the world’s oldest continuous living culture.

In our recent opening of the Mary Glowrey Centre, we had special guest Uncle Neville who is a Native Title Holder and Elder of the Kaurna First Nation people to officially welcome us to country. It is his striking artwork, co-created with Senior School student Anton Fallo, that adorns the foyer of our new building (photo right).

Indigenous artwork

In his communications with the College, Uncle Neville writes:

“That is what our design is about: teaching the absolute first things that have to be known before reconciliation business can begin here. Know the Kaurna boundaries, clan groups and neighbors and Dreamings and Totems and our heroes. These are all for non-Aboriginal as well as Aboriginal to know and get strong from. These are in the design … I am more than 60 years and that is the very last years of life expectancy for a Kaurna man. This project has made me very happy and has been part of my healing journey. Reconciliation work when it is done the right way means no one is walking alone anymore: one people, one voice, one community recognizing the Custodians and then going out to the other Aboriginal communities and coming back with connections.”

In light of this week, we certainly encourage you to have a discussion with your children about what they know about Australia’s past and the history of Reconciliation Week and its purpose. As Uncle Neville advocates, “You can trust that when something is planted at the grass root it grows well.”

Mr Nic Boys
Head of Junior School

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