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As the College continues to grow in new and innovative ways, last Friday presented an opportunity to celebrate the long-awaited formal Opening and Blessing of the Mary Glowrey Centre. We were honored to have Archbishop O’Regan, Bishop O’Kelly SJ, and Father Mullins SJ as Socius representing the Jesuit Provincial, preside over the blessing with other visiting guests including extended family members of Dr Mary Glowrey.

IMG 2432

The entrance of the Mary Glowrey Centre at the Opening and Blessing

IMG 2442

Tours of the facility were lead by our Student Leaders

The Mary Glowrey Centre proves to be a great gift for our Ignatian community. While the newly designed classrooms on the top level are enjoyed by our Year 6 students, all the other spaces are enjoyed by every child from Reception to Year 6 throughout the week. Enriching our long-established provision of sport and music through the Tappeiner Gymnasium, music classrooms and tuition rooms, therein lie new learning opportunities for our students.

The Miguel Pro Auditorium proves to be a great multi-purpose space for students to develop and showcase their talents. The Junior School is already committed to its first production in ‘Ye-Ha’, a whimsical, wild western musical. Our Robotics Laboratory is fully equipped for our Year 4 to 6 students to engage in building Lego Robotics through coding, equipped with self-guiding sensors and other distinguishing features. Utilising design learning theory, pairs of students have sole access to their own robot for two entire terms, continually refining their mechanical and computing skills from one week to the next. Within the coming weeks, our students will also enjoy a fully furnished science laboratory facilitating hands-on experiments and tactile learning to support their theoretical learning.

As a Catholic school, we believe that God is love. Love should permeate all that we do and define our community. There is no greater educational gift our school can give our children in the service of educational excellence than to build strong student-teacher relationships. As Keats wrote, ‘Education is not the filling of a bucket but the lighting of a fire,’ we believe that God can be found in women and men fully alive. From this premise, we hope these spaces will help enliven the learning of all our students across a wide range of curriculum offerings – Ite inflammate omnia, that they may go, set the world alight.

Mr Nic Boys
Head of Junior School

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