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The Gift of a Mother’s Love

Mothers play an incredible part in anyone’s life. They bring us into being, name us, and teach us how to love. There is no greater vocation in life than this.

This Monday we celebrated Mother’s Day with our annual Mother’s Day Morning Tea. After a long period of COVID restrictions, it was lovely to have so many mothers, grandmothers, and special friends to take time out to join us for the occasion.

Class 3 Gold led us in our Mother’s Day liturgy, which was well attended by our community. The children were able to acknowledge the importance of our mothers, thanking them and letting them know how much they love them. The children shared their favourite memories and their mothers’ superpowers (of which there are many!) before giving each mother and grandmother a white rose as a parting gift.

Our mothers set before us an example of God’s love and care. Mothers are our greatest strength and our greatest comfort. We have so much to learn, and it is all there in front of us in the example of a mother’s love. Lyricist and singer Jim Brickman surmised a mother’s love in saying: “There’s no power like it on this earth, no treasure equal to its worth, the gift of a mother’s love. I thank God for a mother’s love.”

Mr Nic Boys
Head of Junior School

From the Careers Department
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