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As we look around our beautiful world, we see the God of creativity. This God did not content himself in creating one pink flower: he created thousands. He created not one cookie-cutter person, but billions of unique souls. Truly, God delights in variety, in creativity and creation. And God delights when we create. God calls us to be co-creators in a world that has already begun.

This abundance of creativity has been evident in this week’s Music Camp. We enjoyed over 130 Junior School students across six ensembles creating rich sounds, recognisable as various superhero theme songs including Batman and Superman. Kate Mawson, our visiting artist, arranged a special superhero-themed piece just for our students, with original voice line based on our College virtues. It was wonderful sharing this creative musical journey with so many parents who attended the sharing session on Friday afternoon.

Nic Boys
Head of Junior School

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