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What a glorious start for all our students on the Year 5 camp at Victor Harbor this week. They drove out of rain in Adelaide and into sunshine and blue sky on arrival at Adare camp site. In their three days away, the children were abuzz with outdoor team-building challenges. Groups of children were intermixed as they solved problems, completed survivor courses, and flew on the ‘Flying Kiwi’ inverted bungie.

Through all of this, it was wonderful hearing how children enjoyed getting to know others outside their normal friendship groups. Students received support from their peers and teachers in their vulnerability in being away from home. During camp they learn a little bit more deeply of what it means to be human. They learn how to be more at home with oneself and become more accepting of others.

In talking with the Year 5 children, they came away with many happy memories of their time away together, but their common response was that they were most proud of overcoming their own personal challenges while away on camp. Schools should provide rich opportunities of learning for students, not only in the academic sense but more importantly in their social and emotional development. All children need to experience challenge in myriad ways to further develop their resilience, capability, and confidence in dealing with life’s difficulties. Well done to all the children for their joint encouragement, participation, and positive engagement while on camp. A sincere thankyou goes to those staff who gave of their time away from their own families in the care and support of our children.

Congratulations to all our littlest athletes who participated in our sports carnival on the Junior School’s James Carey Oval on Thursday. From the flash dance, sack races, and chicken throw to the long jump and the relays, there was something there for everyone. Thank you to all the parents, caregivers, and grandparents who gave up their time to attend. These days are made the richer for the strong engagement of community.

We also look forward to seeing as many of you as possible this coming Saturday at the College Fair. Cancelled last year due to COVID, it will be wonderful for us to enjoy this coming together as one community.

Nic Boys
Head of Junior School

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