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In celebrating Ash Wednesday this week, we move into a period of preparation that involves abstinence, prayer, and service. Abstinence is freedom from those things that cause discord in our lives, whilst prayer and service are two ideals that informed Ignatius’ way of proceeding for the Society of Jesus, as people who are contemplatives in action. For Ignatius, prayer and action, or service of others, was to be held in constant balance. One without the other puts our spirituality out of equilibrium. Former General of the Jesuits, Fr Pedro Arrupe, remarked that: “Service was the key idea of the charism of Ignatius … service that is large-hearted and humble.”

Next Tuesday 28 February at 6:00 pm, we welcome those parents and caregivers of Year 3 and new families of Years 4 to 6 to our Parent iPad Forum in the Mary Glowrey Centre. Those attending are asked to bring their child’s iPad. This interactive evening will be largely led by Apple specialist Matt Richards. As part of the hands-on experience, we learn how we can drive the iPad and play our supportive role as parents, helping our children navigate the complexities of digital learning. We unpack the responsibilities between the school and the home, and how together we can keep our children safe online. This engaging forum is a great opportunity to understand the power and the complexities of educating digitally aware children for a future yet unknown. If you haven’t yet registered, please refer to the Parent Engagement Framework link found here:

Nic Boys
Head of Junior School

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