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This coming Monday is World Social Justice Day. The Jesuits have always worked in the margins of society advocating for the marginalised. The Catholic Church has a history of social teaching compelling us to not only live responsibly but to build a just society. It comes as no surprise, then, as a Catholic school in the Jesuit tradition, that our understanding of human flourishing flows from the Ignatian maxim of developing young men and women for others. We find our humanity in helping others.

This week’s liturgy focused on the theme of social justice and incorporated the launch of the Arrupe Outreach Project, named after Fr Pedro Arrupe SJ (Society of Jesus), the 28th Superior General of the Jesuits. Pedro was a staunch advocate for the dignity and equality of all humanity. Through his initiative, the global arm of the Jesuit Refugee Service was founded in response to refugees fleeing their war-ravaged homelands. The work of the JRS has expanded considerably since then.

Through the Arrupe Project, all classes from Reception to Year 6 will engage in works of mercy and compassion throughout the year. This project affords children the opportunity to investigate a local charity, deepening their understanding of the needs of others and the complexities of the world. The project builds student agency to find creative ways they can assist their chosen charity. As Pedro framed it, to be just, it is not enough to refrain from injustice. We must substitute self-interest for love as the driving force in society.

Our staff and students are reminded of the virtues we espouse to live, including Just and Courageous. Posters featuring these virtues adorn the walls of every classroom at the Junior School. Opportunities such as these give rise to living a faith that seeks justice. We need to ignite our own hearts with compassion and have minds with open possibilities so that we can go and spark the fire of change in our own communities and the world.

Nic Boys
Head of Junior School

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