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I am constantly reminded that people want to meet other people whose humanity points towards greatness. My sister-in-law attended an evening with past president Barack Obama in Sydney two weeks back, while other families of the College attended the more recent Ed Sheeran concert in Adelaide. Indian immersions from Jesuit schools across Australia used to visit Mother Theresa of Calcutta in person and support the works of mercy her Sisters of Charity would provide among the locals. Adorning the desk of one of our staff members is an image of themselves shaking hands with Mother Theresa, a great model of humanity.

The Easter season is itself the great season of encounter. The Gospel stories have this week been dramatised before school each day to help paint the narrative of Holy Week. Tuesday’s enactment of Jesus washing the feet of his disciples suggests the service of others is not dependent on how others relate to us. At the Last Supper, Jesus washed the feet of all the disciples, including Judas who rebelled against him. Jesus suggests that happiness comes to those who seek to serve others, or as Jesus declares, it is in giving that we receive. We are each called to love in this same self-emptying kind of way, as parents would love their children and, as members of a broader community, we might go, set the world alight.

Thank you to all the parents and friends who gave of themselves in service of the College Fair on Saturday. There was an extraordinary amount of generosity given by those who ran the stalls, prepared the food, and organised the day’s proceedings; we are most to grateful to them. It was a special day enjoyed by so many.

Blessings to all in our Ignatian community for a joyous and hope-filled Easter break before the final week of term.

Nic Boys
Head of Junior School

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Those on stairs from left: Harry Mullins, Plato Minyaev, Sophie Xiong, Katya Raschella, Sophia Wu, Samuel Ng, Andrei Pajaro, Max Hicks

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