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It is wonderful to see just how all the children are settling into their new classes at the beginning of the year. New class groups provide important opportunities to refresh friendships and establish different learning groups in a safe environment. Staff are already commenting on how the new classes are settling into their routines and class communities.

At Saint Ignatius, we recognise the importance of the classroom identity for the wellbeing of the children. In order for students to learn at their best, they must feel psychologically safe, welcomed, and a valued part of their community. The College-wide Student Wellbeing Framework espouses our wellbeing ideals encompassed in the four pillars of Belonging, Engagement, Growth, and Companionship.

At this stage of the year, classroom teachers are focusing on building a sense of belonging in their classroom. The interdependent nature of collaborative learning plays a significant role in defining this shared classroom identity. Children who feel known, valued, and affirmed within a loving community are able to thrive in a rich learning environment, not just academically, but in self-confidence, self-belief, and self-worth. Classrooms help to provide fertile grounds on which we can build this sense of belonging and becoming of who they are called to be.

In reference to Nelson Mandela’s inaugural speech, we want our children to build their voice and feel enlightened as they were all born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us.

Mr Nic Boys
Head of Junior School

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