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‘You’ll never know a love like this.’

As an expecting father of my first child, I remember being told by my mother and father what it would feel like to become a parent. I still remember the aura I had walking out of the hospital after the arrival of our firstborn. All at once, everything looked different, as my place in the world had suddenly shifted. Such was the joy made manifest in the precious gift of new life.

Coinciding with great joy, the reality of parenting is that it is hard work. It can often be emotionally, physically, and spiritually demanding. As parents we need a toolkit at our disposal, bringing compassion, understanding, love, and awareness that God is at work through us in our parenting roles.

Our Ignatian spirituality teaches us that conversation is a dynamic prayer and one of our greatest parenting tools, sharing in all of life’s panoply of experiences with our children: saying thank you, asking for help, crying out in pain, begging forgiveness, expressing love, just spending time together. For Ignatius, God can be ‘found in all things’, and, as parents, we share our strivings and failures, our hopes and dreams for and with our children. God can be found in all our human drama.

American Jesuit David Fleming SJ states that found does not mean an intellectual exercise of perceiving the presence of the divine. It is a matter of conversar – an intimate conversation and interaction that takes place between family members who love each other.

I hope that all parents including dads this Father’s Day may find traces of God in the conversations shared among family this weekend. As parents, we know there is no love like this.

As a friendly reminder, we look forward to welcoming all Fathers and Father figures to our Morning Tea (7.45am-8.45am - coffee and pastries alongside the Mary Glowrey Centre) and Liturgy (9am in St Ignatius Norwood Church) which will be hosted by 1 Gold.

Mr Nic Boys
Head of Junior School

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