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Festival of Arts

Last night’s Festival of Arts proved to be a wonderful demonstration of musical talent and interests across the College. The students were all so excited to shake off the past two years and share their interests with the wider parent community after the long absence of large gatherings. This evening provides great insight into the progressive journey of our students and the thriving music culture at our College.

The vision of Ignatian spirituality is well grounded in the development of the whole person. While Saint Ignatius was studying in Paris, there was a resurgence of knowledge and understanding of philosophy, mathematics, and the arts with the emergence of the Renaissance period. The likes of Leonardo Da Vinci and other known greats emanated the idea of the homo universalis – the universal man – as a talented individual possessing gifts across several domains.

The Jesuit worldview draws its blueprint of the development of the whole person from these foundations. The mark of an Ignatian student, then, lies not so much in their ability to specialise in one field alone, but by the means they are engaged in a rich tapestry of learning, woven from a number of different fields and disciplines.

On seeing so many students across the College so passionately involved in music, last night proved to be a great tribute to this vision. Music plays an important part in the life of the College and in the affective domains of creativity and imagination of the learner. Music is not just for listening but for experiencing. It moves us. It speaks to us where words fail. There is nothing is better for a performer, than to engage with their audience and so we thank all parents, caregivers and friends for supporting the event. We hope that you are as proud of your children as we are!

Mr Nic Boys
Head of Junior School

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