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The majority of competitions and matches for Arts and Activities and Winter Sport commence this week, with some having started already and others having the opportunity to practice for a little longer before competitions or performances get underway. Following some great successes in Term 1, we look forward to seeing the growth and achievements in our students during Term 2.

We take this opportunity to remind all members of our community of the expectations outlined in the College’s Sporting Code of Conduct. Senior School students have been reminded of this through their Mentor Time in recent weeks and it is attached here for the benefit of all to keep at the forefront the standard of behaviour expected around Co-curricular.

As a community, we continue to strive for excellence in skill and excellence in character through our Co-curricular involvement and contributions.

We also ask that parents continue to be proactive in notifying relevant staff members (Teacher in Charge or the Arts and Activities/Sport Coordinator) of student absences from Co-curricular. Particularly as we enter the winter months, we appreciate notification as early as possible if a student will be absent so that accommodations can be made where necessary.

Good luck to all our students and teams for the season ahead!

Jessica Morrish
Head of Co-curricular

From the Rector
From the Head of Senior School