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Get to know the Co-curricular Team - Coordinator Spotlight

Having enjoyed a successful start to Intercol this week, we look forward to the final shield matches taking place tomorrow and celebrating Intercol in next week’s Ignatian. We therefore take this opportunity to get to know Matt Panos better in the final of our Co-curricular Coordinator Spotlights.

Matt’s role in the College is Senior School Sport Coordinator, which he commenced in 2019. The College has greatly benefited from Matt’s rapport with the students, his passion for all sports and his work towards expanding the opportunities available for our students to participate and develop in.

Here you can learn a little more about Matt, in this Co-curricular Coordinator Spotlight.

A brief introduction to Matt:

My life has changed a lot in the past few months (for the better!), after the birth of our son. Outside of work, I still play Football for Norwood, although a few staff members think I’m playing one season too many. I like to spend quality time at home with my wife and son and love watching sport and walking our dog, Chester.

What do you like most about being involved in Co-curricular at SIC?

I like seeing students develop their skills and lay it out there on the field/court. I love the energy students bring to matches and the passion they show for the College.

Share one highlight from your involvement in Co-curricular.

A highlight for me every year is Intercol. It’s a fantastic whole College event which mixes Co-curricular Sport and Arts and Activities. The way the College and student body come together to support one another is awesome to be a part of.

What is one aim you have for improving Co-curricular over the next 12 months?

I would love to develop strategies that help whole College sports programs be linked with the same structures or way of playing so that when students are elevated into a higher team, the system Ignatians play remains the same.

If you could pick any major event in the world (Arts and Activities or Sport related) to attend, what would it be?

It would have to be either an NBA Finals match or a World Cup Final (Soccer), would’ve been amazing to see the Matildas!

Share a quote that motivates or inspires you.

“Attitude reflects leadership, captain.” – Julius Campbell, Wood Harris from Remember the Titans.

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