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Term 3 has been incredibly successful for Co-curricular. There has been much to celebrate, including:

  • Winning Intercol for a third consecutive year for the first time since its inception.
  • Marvelous performance of High School Musical from a large cast of students from Years 7-12.
  • Wonderful performances by the Junior School Music ensembles at A Night at the Theatre.
  • Runners up in the Jesuit Basketball Carnival. Find out more here.
  • Debating teams from both campuses qualifying for the Grand Final.

We are proud of all our students’ achievements, not just those that receive formal recognition, but the successes that often go unrecognised – those that result in the development of skill, demonstrated in improved performances and in the formation of character through the commitment, resilience and integrity developed through facing triumph and challenge.

We enjoyed the opportunity to celebrate the breadth of our students’ achievements at the Senior School Sport Awards and look forward to further celebrating at the Co-curricular Awards Nights to be held in Term 4.

I also take this opportunity to thank those parents who attended the Co-curricular Parent Consultation Evening. The evening consisted of an update related to the outcomes of the Co-curricular Review and the steps being taken to improve Co-curricular, followed by table discussions leading to feedback about our Co-curricular Priorities: Student Formation, Coach Formation, Program Development and Resource Development. I greatly appreciate the engagement on the evening, resulting in valuable feedback being provided to continue to inform our progress in Co-curricular. In Term 4, there will be further opportunity to hear about this progress and steps we are taking for each of those priorities.

I wish all families a restful holiday break and we look forward to the joys and opportunities of the Term 4 Co-curricular Season.

Jess Morrish
Head of Co-curricular

From the Rector
From the Head of Senior School