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Key findings from the 2021-2022 Co-curricular Review led to a recommendation for a change in Co-curricular structure at the College. This structure is designed to facilitate:

  • Cohesive vision, outcomes and operational experience of Co-curricular for Arts and Activities and Sport at both the Junior School and Senior School.
  • Progression within Co-curricular Programs and across the Co-curricular experience from Junior to Middle to Senior Years.
  • Increased resourcing for Co-curricular and capacity for enhancing Co-curricular Programs.

We are pleased to present the final Co-curricular Team (Coordinators and ESOs) across the College as presented in the attached organisation chart demonstrating the new structure. This list of Co-curricular Programs across the College and their allocation to Arts and Activities or Sport will support you in contacting the correct department for queries pertaining to Co-curricular:

Arts and Activities Coordinators

Sport Coordinators

Future Co-curricular Articles in the Ignatian will spotlight each of these Coordinators so you can get to know them better.

Working with the Coordinators to enhance Co-curricular, will be Program Leaders, who may be internal or external appointments, with expertise in their Program. Included in the responsibilities of Program Leaders will be the: the scope and sequencing of student formation; formation of coaches or tutors for the benefit of the Program; and evaluation and improvement of the Program. Recruitment for Program Leaders has commenced and will roll out through 2024-2025. We look forward to these appointments enhancing Co-curricular at the College and building on the good work of our current staff and coaches.

We thank all our community – students, staff, coaches, family and friends – for your ongoing contributions to Co-curricular for the benefits of student formation and building College community.

Jess Morrish
Head of Co-curricular

From the Principal
From the Head of Senior School