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Arriving at and leaving from both the Junior and Senio­­­r Campuses this week provided an exciting picture of the community, energy, activity and commitment present across the breadth of our Co-curricular offerings – and that is only those programs being practised outside. Let’s not forget that just as much is occurring within the College walls, in those before and after school training times.

And so we embark on the start of Co-curricular in 2023 with anticipation of the growth and achievement we will experience across the year.

Having said this, whilst it is possible to experience incidental growth through our experiences, greatest benefit comes when we embark on these experiences with intent. As such, I invite all in our community to identify and share with others the goals you have for Co-curricular this year. These goals may relate to:

  • Growth in a particular skill or performance element. Remember to set goals that are within your control to achieve.
  • The impact you will have through Co-curricular. Consider how your contributions will be intentional toward shaping the culture and experiences of others.
  • The attitude, behaviours and interactions you will uphold through your involvement. Co-curricular provides a particularly valuable opportunity to develop social-emotional skills and regulation.

One of my goals is to use my interactions toward shaping joyful celebrations of growth and achievement, something I intend to do from a College-wide perspective but also through my daily interactions with individuals. What will your growth in and contributions to Co-curricular look like in 2023?

Jess Morrish
Head of Co-curricular

From the Rector
From the Head of Senior School