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FPS is a research-based, academic program that teaches problem solving strategies, collaboration, critical and creative thinking, and effective communication. The interdisciplinary approach helps develop ethical leadership skills and provides a unique opportunity for students to learn and apply essential life skills in the 21st century

- Future Problem Solving Program Australia

With a new list of twenty problem and solution categories for 2023, including Arts and Aesthetics, Law and Justice, Ethics and Morality, and Physical Health, there is something for everyone in Future Problem Solving! FPS is enjoying a significant increase in participation this year in our Wednesday afternoon and Thursday lunch sessions, and new members are still welcome.

The first Future Scene is set in Nigeria in 2047 and students are asked to use a six-step problem-solving process to identify and address challenges around e-waste. Other topics for 2023 will be Digital Realities (Tokyo, 2044), Robotic Workforce, and Throwaway Society.

During the first two topics, students will develop and demonstrate skill and commitment, with a view to being selected for a competitive FPS team. The chosen team of four will then complete a timed Qualifying Problem in August, in which they will identify and address a significant problem with a Robotic Workforce. This will be evaluated by FPS Australia and teams may then be selected for National Finals, which are planned for Brisbane in mid-October.

Joanne Cameron-Smith
Teacher in Charge of Future Problem Solving

Fiona Dimopoulos
Coach of Future Problem Solving

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