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As part of the College’s 70-year anniversary in 2021, one of the aims of the Foundation was to continue to raise awareness of the Bursary program, and the figure of $70,000 for bursaries launched the 70 for 70 Bursary Campaign. With the continuing generosity of community members over $80K for the 70 for 70 Bursary Campaign was raised. Thank you.

Following on from this success, the Foundation will continue to brand its annual Bursary Appeal relative to the age of the College. Many of you have already supported our initial call of support for the 71 for 71 Bursary Campaign back in May, thank you. I am delighted to share with you we have already raised $12,000.

In my Chair’s Report for the Foundation Board AGM in May, I acknowledged the team of many who support the work of the Foundation in promoting its efforts and initiatives to the broader College community.

The Foundation recently launched its second Impact Report. Highlights include:

  • 18% increase of giving
  • 33% increase of total donors
  • 129% increase in Bursary support from 2020-2021

The Foundation’s fundraising efforts are part of our commitment to nurturing authentic lifelong relationships with all members of the Saint Ignatius’ College community. Your support no matter what amount, contributes to the College’s future. The conversations with our donors continue to give hope for the growth and impact of our Bursary and Building campaigns.

Maintaining the Bursary program requires a cooperative effort of many people. Just as keeping a park free of litter depends on each of us picking up after ourselves, so also maintaining the Bursary program requires effort of many of us. These efforts pay off to which many families and their children now have access to a Jesuit education where learning and enjoyment is offered through the Bursary program.

The Foundation takes this opportunity to ask you to please ask yourself “what can I afford to best support this campaign?” We invite you to click on the following link to make a gift:

If you wish to have a confidential conversation regarding your philanthropic mission, please contact me at or contact Belinda Mears – Advancement Manager at

With thanks,
Susan Dodson
Chair – Saint Ignatius’ College Foundation

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