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Year 8 World of Work

This Semester, students in Year 8 have been participating in our new Careers Investigation program, Become.Me. The culmination of this program is the Year 8 World of Work program. This day is an opportunity for our students to begin the realisation that school based skills such as reading, reviewing, using technology, time management, collaboration, creativity, organisation and many other skills we aim to foster, are all important components of the work environment. Research by the Career Industry Council of Australia (CICA) shows that parents and families are the biggest influencers in a child’s career guidance and provide the good role modelling students need to understand the importance of a work environment. Ideally, career exploration should commence in the early years of middle school and research shows that at least three exposures to the world of work are optimum for career ideation and development.

Here's a link to an article outlining all the fabulous benefits of exposing young people to the world of work

In 2022, the World of Work program will commence with an introduction session run Mentor Teachers. Following this introductory session, students are asked to accompany a parent or significant adult throughout the working day. This year, the World of Work exposure date will be on Friday, November 25, week 6.

The College acknowledges some workplaces may not be suitable for children. In such cases, parents/guardians should negotiate with their child to ask an appropriate acquaintance or family member to act as a substitute host for their child. The College is able to cater for and supervise those students who, for legitimate reasons, may need to come to school on this day. In such circumstances, students are required to wear the summer College uniform, as per normal. While normal lessons would not occur on this day, an alternative program would be offered.

It is hoped the vast majority of our Year Eight students will be able to participate. Over the years, we have received positive feedback, from both parents and students alike, who have appreciated and enjoyed the experience.

Please direct any queries to your child’s House Leader.

UniSA Accelerate and Adelaide Uni Headstart Programs

Students in Year 12 in 2023 are invited to take a close look at the UniSA Accelerate and University of Adelaide Head Start programs. These programs are designed to give high performing students a “taste” of life at University whilst in Year 12. These courses are free and students can gain credit for university study as well as use it for their 30 credits of flexible learning in their ATAR.

Adelaide Uni Headstart is free, students must attend lectures on campus. The Information Evening for University of Adelaide will be on 23rd November. Applications are very competitive for this program.

Registrations can be made here:

UniSA is also free but completely online. More information and applications for UniSA Accelerate can be found here

The conversion rate for students who achieve to a high level to the ATAR is quite good for both programs. Remember, this is a university level course of study, students must be self-motivated and independent learners. The College cannot teach / tutor studnts in these courses.

Micro Credential in Shipbuilding Naval Shipbuilding College

good holiday / work experience activity?

Ahead of increasing demand for workers to join Australia’s Naval Shipbuilding Enterprise, this 4 week (3-5 hours per week) self-paced online micro-credential course aims to familiarise students with multiple aspects of Australia’s naval shipbuilding industry.

The Introduction to Naval Shipbuilding course will help you prepare for employment in the industry by introducing a range of key concepts, terminology, vessels and ship systems which are beneficial for new employees working in the industry and those starting out.

This course has been developed in close partnership with the Australian Government's Naval Shipbuilding College and contains quizzes, videos, illustrations and chat opportunities to help you engage with the material and other students as you progress through the course.

- Anyone keen to diversify their career into the naval shipbuilding industry

- Self-paced. Approximately 4 weeks part-time (3-5 hours per week)
- An Acknowledgement of Training will be available upon successful completion of the course requirements
- Online
- Start dates. Start anytime and study at your own pace.

The following topics will be covered:
1. Importance of naval shipbuilding in the mission of the Royal Australian Navy.
2. Naval vessels and shipbuilding.
3. Understanding the customer and the end user.
4. Making sense of naval shipbuilding.
5. Speaking the language of naval shipbuilding.
6. General systems and components of naval vessels.
7. Working safety and protecting the environment.
8. Conclusion and where to now?

TAFE SA micro-credentials are designed by industry experts to offer in-demand skills and expertise in our ever-changing world. Courses are delivered entirely online, with the ability to connect with your instructors online. All our micro-credentials are designed to offer the latest industry skills and insights and can be completed at your own pace in the space of days to weeks. Once complete, you’ll gain a Statement of Attainment as evidence of your new skills and knowledge.

Go to for more information and to apply.

New IT VET course at Western Technical College in 2023

Are you interested in a career in IT? If you would like to apply for this funded course please complete the EOI online ASAP!

This course will be offered in WTC’s purpose built IT suites.

ICT30120 Certificate III Information Technology FIP2023

Develop technical skills in animation, basic cloud computing, cyber awareness, digital media, generalist IT support services, networking, programming, systems and web development. Throughout this course you will also build industry essential skills that are transferable across multiple sectors. Skills such as critical thinking, problem solving, presenting and customer service to support a range of technologies, processes, policies and clients.

Italian Exchange 2023
Congratulations Megan Tukja!