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Her Tech Path / Planit Women in Stem Day at Flinders University

Last week a small group of Year Ten girls were very fortunate to attend the Her Tech Path / Planit Women in Stem Day. This day was facilitated by Her Tech Path with interactive sessions ran by companies such as the Adelaide crows, Planit, Aplo and Flinders University. Below is what the girls gained from the sessions:

On the 21st of September, we were invited to partake in the HerTechPath day, an exciting opportunity at Flinders University involving young women and their aspirations in STEM careers. We started off hearing from the inspirational and ambitious Genevieve Rueger, a firefighter who has spent more than twenty years in the defence force as a pilot. Genevieve captivated the whole room with her story, during which she divulged both the highest and lowest points in her turbulent career. She expressed the influence that mentor figures had in her teenage years, and how with their guidance she pursued a purposeful career path of serving as a helicopter pilot in the military. Genevieve’s core values and humility were evident throughout her speech. It was truly incredible to hear from such an inspiring woman who has made a difference in so many communities and devoted her life to achieving her dreams. Piper and Mehar.

Our session with women in STEM gave me the opportunity to hear from the workers in the Crows team. They showed us the job possibilities that were available in the Crows Team where it is not only the players on the field. Jobs like data analysis of player’s statistics, and data tracking of the games are job pathways that are available for people who enjoy STEM. This talk gave me a wider view on the different opportunities that STEM provides. From this experience, I have learnt that STEM is an important part of the Crows team since tracking the players data can show where they need to improve. Janice and Cleo.

After a delicious lunch break, we were then fortunate enough to hear from Sales Force (a software company revolutionising AI), who encouraged us to explore the influence generative AI has on our world. They opened our eyes to the endless careers encompassed under STEM, with a specific focus on business and marketing. With the recent release of Chat-GPT, this workshop was very relevant to our current engagement with technology, as we can learn to utilise these tools to aid our daily life rather than take over it. It was an eye-catching presentation that definitely left us considering the prominent role technology and STEM will have in our future. Gaby and Leni.

SATAC Dates 2024

29 September 2023
Last chance to avoid a late fee closes. Medicine, Vet Bioscience, Oral Health, Dentistry (and some other courses with auditions/ hard deadlines) closes. Open an account, add one course and PAY.

1 December 2023
Equal Consideration cutoff date.

3 January 2024
Change Of Preference cut off.

11 January 2024
First round offers.

24 January 2024
Second round offers.


You can also apply to TAFE via SATAC. TAFE have a more ‘rolling’ approach to offer rounds and dates so refer to the TAFESA website / SATAC website for dates.

Mentor’s Breakfast 2023

This week we launch our annual Mentor’s Breakfast! Students can nominate to attend the event and discuss a range of courses with Old Ignatians who are currently / recently studied this course. I recommend that students research all aspects of their prospective degrees such as what electives can I choose? How difficult is the course of study if I don’t have the assumed knowledge? How can I access alternate pathways? Which uni should I attend? A great way to do so is to chat to someone who has been there, done that!

Bookings are essential! To register for this event please sign up on the sheet on the careers’ room window, choose from the delicious menu and list your courses.

When: Friday 20th October

Time: 7.30-8.30am

Where: Kranewitter Hall

RSVP asap via email!

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