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SATAC Deadlines

Friday 30th September is the final deadline to apply to SATAC for 2023 and NOT get a $150 late fee! You can still apply but it will cost you more. Your next deadline is Dec 1. Students must enter in all courses they are interested in by then, in any order. Then they must place them in order by Jan 4, 2023.

Many students received an early conditional offer from University of Adelaide based on their Year 11 grades. Make sure you read the instructions carefully. A key point to remember is to keep that course in your application on Jan 4.

Remember your top 2 preferences will be automatically accepted should you be successful, so make sure you order them in order of what you actually want to study!

September 30 Last date for no late fee, Flinders Year 11 results deadline, 5pm.

December 1 Equal Consideration Closing date, put in your top 6 preferences to be considered equally with the rest of the applicants.

Jan 4 Change of Preference cut-off date, change your preferences in order you want them.

Jan 12 Main offer round 1

Jan 25 Second offer round

Feb 2 Third offer round. Offers will continue through Feb and March.

Visit for up to date information.

VET 2023

Any students thinking about undertaking VET studies in 2023 should make an appointment to discuss their plans as soon as possible, especially for funded VET courses. Ideally students could undertake exploratory VET in the form of a Try a Trade, Work Experience or a VET Immersion experience whilst in Year 10 then apply for VET whilst in Year 11. For more information regarding VET at the College go to Career Tools VET page to read about how VET can fit into the SACE.

VETRO cut-off is October 28, but courses will fill up fast! Get you paperwork in week 1.

Virtual Work Experience

The Careers Department and Career Tools websites.

If you’ve got some spare time on your hands these holidays, why not spend some time accessing some of the exciting resources found on the websites The Careers Department and Career Tools.

The Careers Department are even running a National Virtual Work Experience Competition! You can win cool prizes and learn about different careers! Entries close December 10.

There will be one semi-finalist from every state and territory (8 winners), who will each win a $600 Apple voucher. A 'national winner' (chosen from the 8 semi finalists) will also win a week's face-to-face work experience at the Seven Network and an additional $1,400 Apple voucher.

(The total prize pool for the national winner is a $2000 Apple voucher and all interstate costs associated with work experience travel). T&Cs apply.

Students have already set up an account for both of these websites. These activities range from 2 hours to 10 hours, so plan your time carefully! At the end of each activity, submit your work to the portal and you will receive a certificate of completion stating your work experience hours.

Careers Department

All students will be able to access this resource which has many interactive activities to enhance their Career development. The Careers Department is a digital resource built in partnership with schools over the past four years, which we truly believe will be meaningful for your student’s career exploration and planning, while supporting and boosting student engagement.

This resource features:

  • Virtual Tours
  • Podcasts
  • Virtual work experience
  • Video, audio, galleries, interactive job maps and 360 virtual reality content
  • Career profiling
  • CV Builder and Scholarship Finder/Application Builder

To watch a recording on how to get started on the Careers Department watch this video

To view the Virtual work experience modules: Go to

1. Login to your account and you will automatically be directed to your dashboard.

Careers Department 1

2. Click the ‘WORK EXPERIENCE’ menu on the left hand side. Virtual Work Experience content will appear below. watch the video and read “What to expect” in each module, before you choose a module. Especially look at the time frames allocated to each activity.

Careers Department 2

• Each module will provide students with an introduction to the career and a task for students to complete. Some of the virtual work experience modules will have video introductions. Note: videos are hosted on Vimeo.

• Once students complete their task, they upload their task underneath the brief in the blue box. Requirements for the upload are provided online.

• Once uploaded, it takes 3 weeks for students to receive feedback on work and their certificate of completion. Students will receive an email notifying them that their feedback has been provided.

• Teachers with full access are able to see when students complete tasks, and an additional icon to view their feedback will be visible once feedback has been provided.

Career Tools Virtual Work Experience

Career Tools has a smaller offering of choices, but appears quite user friendly and seems to offer more information about the chosen career. It provides links to Year 13, a well known and highly regarded research organisation for young people.

1. Go to Workplace Learning > Virtual Job Experience.

2. Select Student Login and log in.

You will see a screen like this:

3. Read the “What’s it about” section, then click on “let’s do it”.

Congratulations Natasha!
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