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Year Ten Careers and Work Experience Week

This week our Year Tens have had a huge week in careers! They began the week completing their First Aid Certificates, for many this is their first taste of VET style learning. As seen by recent events, First Aid is a highly important skill for all young people. Tuesday to Thursday was spent in workplaces all over Adelaide! We have had students in areas such as construction, beauty, architecture, law, medical centres, the ADF, accounting, engineering and IT just to name a few! Finally Friday was spent at school completing their Work Experience Reflections and listening to a range of guest speakers such as Connor from the University of Adelaide, who conducted a career exploration seminar to assist students make sound choices for their Stage 1 subjects. We also heard from Ryan Palmer from Born to Build, a career offshoot from the HIA. Construction careers are currently booming, ranging from trades to accounting to engineering. Ryan discussed where the shortages and jobs are, projected salaries and pathways into construction. Finally, we also heard from speakers, Ryan Turner and Craig Williams from UniSA who outlined careers in the exciting area of Creative Industries and STEM Careers. Thank you to all who made this day a big success!

SATAC Parent Information night. Save the date!

The College will run a Year 12 parent SATAC information evening for parents who would like to know more about the process in order to support their student’s applications next term. This event will be on Tuesday 15 August, 6.30pm in the Bellarmine Room. The same information will be presented to students in an assembly at school.

SATAC application open in August and to avoid a late fee students should register and pay by September 29. However, there will be a great deal of support and advice provided at the College.

SATAC Dates 2024

  • SATAC opens August 7.
  • Closes September 29 to avoid a late fee. Medicine (and other courses with hard deadlines) closes.
  • Equal Consideration will be early Dec date TBA
  • Change Of Preference cut off Jan 3 2024
  • Main Offer Jan 11 2024
  • 2nd offer Jan 24 2024

Careers events at Saint Ignatius’ College in Term 3

Term 3 is a busy term for careers events as we support our Year 12’s make their SATAC applications.

August 11 UniSA presentation

August 15 Parent SATAC evening

August 16 Flinders University presentation, Plan B for Medicine presentation and 1:1 appointments with Flinders

August 17 1:1 with UniSA

September 7 1:1 with University of Adelaide and presentation

University Open days in August

Students and parents should take advantage of the upcoming Open Days at universities in August.

Flinders University Friday and Saturday 11th and 12th August. Flinders will also run individual tours in the holidays.

UniSA Sunday 13th August City West and East. See below for more information on tours.

University of Adelaide Sunday 13th August

Go to the respective websites to see full programs.

UniSA Campus Open days

Mawson Lakes 27 August

Magill 30 August.

  • Can’t make UniSA Open day? Book a July Holidays tour

Flinders University New City Campus ‘Festival Plaza’.

Last Friday I attended an information session at Flinders University where they unveiled their plans for their brand new city campus. From 2024 Flinders University will occupy 7 floors of the brand new Festival Building which is currently being built over the Adelaide Railway station. There will be places to eat, drink, study, library etc just like a normal university, but in a brand new building! Flinders will have student support embedded in the curriculum of all courses. Festival Plaza will accommodate 2500 students in the first year, in Business, Law, Engineering, IT, Psychology, Health Science, Government and Criminology.

All courses will run completely at Festival Plaza except Engineering, which will have 2 years in the city, then 2 years at Tonsley. Health Science students can choose to apply and continue with a post graduate qualification at the Sturt Campus such as OT, Physio and Speech. Courses will not be split over 2 campuses, for example some classes at Festival Plaza, some at Bedford Park.

Festival Plaza courses will have their own SATAC code. Be very careful when selecting!

  • Flinders said they would consider allowing students to transfer between campuses, for eg. If you start Psychology at Festival Plaza, you could move to Bedford Park.
  • Being in the city will allow them to focus on Connections: Industry placements, Events, Guest Speakers, forge new partnerships.
  • Festival Plaza will not have any lecture theatres, only flat floor collaborative spaces.
  • There will be other tenants in the building such as, cafes, restaurants, and big companies such as Deloittes.

For all information, go to

Navy Careers - HMAS Sydney Open Day Outer Harbour


Consider a dynamic and fulfilling career working alongside like-minded, expertly trained personnel in the Australian Navy. HMAS Sydney is docking in Outer Harbour with Defence Force Recruiting hosting a tour of the ship for students like you to learn more about Navy careers. On this tour you’ll hear first-hand from current Navy members about their lives in the Australian Defence Force and explore different areas of the ship.

Discover more about roles in the Navy ranging from engineering to communications or IT & intelligence by joining us on the HMAS Sydney ship tour.

To register your interest, please visit or email

Interested in Game Design? AIE holiday programs

Academy of Interactive Entertainment are holding “Game Jam” in the upcoming holidays. This two day program is a great way to experience game design. It’s being held on Monday July 10 and Tuesday July 11. It is a two day program. Email Alyssa on to apply.

AIE also offer holiday courses for students wishing to try a “taster” of their courses before applying. Go to for more information.

Virtual Work Experience using The Careers Department and Career Tools websites.

If you’ve got some spare time on your hands these holidays, why not spend some time accessing some of the exciting resources found on the websites The Careers Department and Career Tools.

You have already set up an account for both of these websites. These activities range from 2 hours to 10 hours, so plan your time carefully! At the end of each activity, submit your work to the portal and you will receive a certificate of completion stating your work experience hours.

Also, keep a log of what you do on the template provided below.

I can access and see what you complete on both websites. I cannot see incomplete hours, only completed tasks.


All students will be able to access this resource which has many interactive activities to enhance their Career development. The Careers Department is a digital resource built in partnership with schools over the past four years, which we truly believe will be meaningful for your student’s career exploration and planning, while supporting and boosting student engagement.

This resource features:

  • Virtual Tours
  • Podcasts
  • Virtual work experience
  • Video, audio, galleries, interactive job maps and 360 virtual reality content
  • Career profiling
  • CV Builder and Scholarship Finder/Application Builder

To watch a recording on how to get started on the Careers Department watch this video


To view the modules: Go to

• Login to your account and you will automatically be directed to your dashboard.

Our code is: SIC


• Click the ‘WORK EXPERIENCE’ menu on the left hand side. Virtual Work Experience content will appear below. watch the video and read “What to expect” in each module, before you choose a module. Especially look at the time frames allocated to each activity.


• Each module will provide students with an introduction to the career and a task for students to complete. Some of the virtual work experience modules will have video introductions. Note: videos are hosted on Vimeo.

• Once students complete their task, they upload their task underneath the brief in the blue box. Requirements for the upload are provided online.

• Once uploaded, it takes 3 weeks for students to receive feedback on work and their certificate of completion. Students will receive an email notifying them that their feedback has been provided.

• Teachers with full access are able to see when students complete tasks, and an additional icon to view their feedback will be visible once feedback has been provided.

Career tools

Career Tools has a smaller offering of choices, but appears quite user friendly and seems to offer more information about the chosen career. It provides links to Year 13, a well known and highly regarded research organisation for young people.

  1. Go to Workplace Learning > Virtual Job Experience.
  2. Select Student Login and log in.

You will see a screen like this:

3. Read the “What’s it about” section, then click on “let’s do it”.

4. At the end complete the “Reflection” activity.

Lisa McDonald
Vocational Services Coordinator

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