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2023 pathways / University entry

Next term I will begin a program to assist Year 12 students complete their transition to pathways for 2023. This will include talks by all 3 universities as well as opportunities to have aa 1:1 chat with representatives.

The College will host a SATAC parent Information evening in early August for any parents who wish to learn more to assist their son / daughter make their application. Watch this space for more information!

Students who are planning to enter a trade / traineeship / apprenticeship can access materials from the Careers Room or book an appointment with MEGT / MAS National.

We will also host the annual Mentor’s Breakfast in October where students can talk to an Old Scholar who is completing a variety of courses / pathways to get a behind the scenes look at their desired course. Keep an eye on the Bulletin to reserve your spot.

Dates for 2023 University entry

News for 2023: No early offer round!

  • 30 September 2022 closing date for starting your application, pay your fees. Last date to apply for Medicine, Vet Bioscience and Dentistry. Check dates for other courses such as Creative Arts at Flinders.
  • 1st Dec Equal Consideration cut off. Put any 6 courses in your application, in any order.
  • 19th Dec SACE results release day, Careers Office at SIC is open!
  • 4th Jan Change of Preference cut off date. Put your 6 courses in the order you want to be considered.
  • 12th Jan Main offer round.
  • 25th Jan 2nd round offer.
  • Offers continue weekly in February.

New Courses at UniSA for 2023

  • Double Degree in Pharmaceutical Science / Pharmacy, 5 years.
  • Human Movement/ B Business (Sport and Rec) 4 years.
  • Secondary Education with Psychology as a sub major.
  • Midwifery at Whyalla.
  • B Digital Business (internships with Accenture).
  • New completely online courses.

Spotlight on Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Science!

Why study Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Science?

Pharmacist = health care professional, part of a broader health care system

Pharmaceutical Scientist = manufacture, clinical trials etc. science that underpins the discovery and manufacture.

Pharmacy graduates enjoy a 96.4% employment rate Australia wide. Post pandemic, Pharmacy has experienced a high growth area of employment. (QILT 2020) Pharmacists are rated as one of Australia’s most trusted professions. In addition, Australia has become a global leader in bio tech, as such we enjoy a modern manufacturing policy, which will improve the manufacturing of pharmaceuticals in Australia.

NEW to UniSA Direct entry double degree Pharmacy / Pharmaceutical Science. 5 years, guaranteed score of 95. Only degree in Australia. Registration as a Pharmacist as well as the Scientific qualification. Includes extra placements within the degree.

  • Direct entry is new. Previously only available to internal transfer.
  • Pre req’s one of = Bio, chem, physics. But ideally both bio and chem is great.
  • Subjects include : Fundamentals of Bio, Chem, Physiology as well as pharmacology, manufacturing, therapy, patient care, marketing, business management, communication, interpersonal skills.
  • Later years, clinical sciences therapeutics,
  • B Pharm Sci includes a placement of 80 hours.
  • Pharmacy 12 weeks in a community pharmacy / and hospital setting.
  • UniSA has a new “PPILS clinic” which is a simulated pharmacy.

Career Opportunities for Pharmacists

Pharmacies, hospitals, outreach services, aged care, aboriginal health services, Defence Forces, Pharmaceutical companies, triage in pharmacies, clinical trials, regulatory bodies, vaccinations, academic research, govt agencies. Not for profit organisation.

Hospitals: part of a clinical team, do rounds with doctors, education roles etc.

Industry trends

Covid has expanded role of pharmacists, multi-disciplinary teams, 3D printing of medicine, genetics etc.

Pharm Sci

Post covid, has taken off due to an increase of Clinical Trials, and demand for manufacturing of pharmaceuticals. UniSA is one of the top 4 Pharmacy schools in Australia due to their new facilities and labs.

Have you heard of Pharmacometrics? This is the use of modelling using data regarding pharmacology.

No Year 12 CHEM? UniSA offer PEER mentoring, assistance. Usually catch up by Sem 2, if students fully engage with assistance program. Extra catch up optional prep course for pharmacology in 2023.

UniSA College pathways

UniSA offers a variety of entry points for students to gain access to their degrees.

  1. Foundation Studies, Need SACE completion. ATAR could be 0. Study for one year, then use your new GPA to enter a course. No fees, this course is free. Think of it as a Year 13 at Uni.
  2. Diplomas, requires an ATAR. Entry into 2nd year of selected courses upon completion. Has fees / HECS.
  3. Aboriginal Pathway. 18 months full time. Free, City West, online.
  4. NEW for 2023 Undergrad Certificates in University Studies (Health) & (STEM)

  • Fast tracked, 6 month qualification
  • Then use your GPA to gain access to courses
  • Both at UniSA City West & Online
  • Feb or July intakes
  • Only for domestic students / permanent residency / humanitarian visas.
  • Must have SACE completion
  • STAT, work / life experience.
  • No ATAR atm, but will probably be around 55
  • Half year of full-time study, cert III,
  • Can enter mid-year if chosen degree has midyear entry. However, many health courses have a Jan intake. Could do it part time, or take a break, and start in July.
  • Some exclusions – however, you can apply for most degrees, GPA based entry, competitive.

Course Structure:

  • 4 courses
  • Build critical literacies
  • 3 electives
  • Short time with pathway program, so need to be uni ready. Independent learning skills, good RP skills, move quickly onto undergrad study.

Lisa McDonald
Vocational Services Co-ordinator

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