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Annual Careers Market 2023 Save the date!

  • Tuesday 16th May, 7pm-8.30pm, Dennett Centre, full winter uniform.
  • This is compulsory for all Year Tens, as it is aligned to the PLP course.
  • Over 60 different Careers and Trades are represented. We have medical careers, medical research, trades, engineering, game design, animation, nursing, midwifery, law, accounting / commerce, electrical careers, earthmoving, journalism, sports media, digital media, marketing, sports marketing, … Universities, TAFE, RTO’s……

Holiday Careers Resources and Activities

The holidays provide a great opportunity to bring up a discussion about Careers at home. Below are some resources that you and your child might like to explore together.

Media Makeup Workshops:

During school holidays the Media Makeup Academy will deliver a Basic Makeup Workshop and a Basic SFX Workshop. See attached link below to both workshops to see that they offer. Both of the upcoming school holiday workshops will be held on Friday the 28th of April 2023. The Basic Makeup Workshop will commence at 10am-1pm and the Basic SFX Workshop will commence at 2pm-5pm.

Basic Makeup Workshop:

Resources / Activities:

The My Future website has a section devoted to parents and students. To get you started, here’s an excellent article on how to initiate a career conversation with your child.


Career Tools

Explore our Saint Ignatius Career Tools website. Take a Career Quiz, browse through the Career Targets, look at the VET page . SIC Career Tools website (access via SEQTA Careers tab)


Apprenticeships and Traineeships.

Australia is heading to a skills shortage, why not earn why you learn? No HECs debt, high levels of employment, potential to run your own business! Spend some time thinking about apprenticeships and traineeships. Look at websites such as the Australian Apprenticeships Pathways website




CESA’s Vocational Learning and apprenticeships website




Research University Courses

Look up and compare university courses all over Australia. The Course Seeker Website is an excellent resource which allows students to access all information such as ATARs, pre-requisites, special entry requirements for all courses within Australia.


After you’ve found a range of courses, see what graduates have to say about them! ComparEd compares graduate outcomes such as rates of employment as well as learning experiences.


Update your resume

Younger students might be looking for their first job. You will need to create a resume. We have resume building resources on Career Tools. Older students should spend some time this week to update your resume, you should be adding your co-curricular sports, awards, community service and additional work experience.


For more information on any of the above please contact Lisa McDonald on

Lisa McDonald
Vocational Services Coordinator

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