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Career Tools - Saint Ignatius’ College Careers Website:

Did you know Saint Ignatius’ College has its very own Careers Website?

The Career Tools resource has proved to be beneficial for both students and parents. The Career Tools website is a one stop shop for everything you need with Career planning, SACE and life in general! On this site you can find information on SACE, VET, Career quizzes, Uni Admissions, Work Experience, Gap Years, finding a job, writing a resume, Defence Careers and Youth Allowance…. just to name a few! To access Career Tools, simply go to your SEQTA Dashboard and select the yellow Careers Tab.

If your child is looking to complete some VET to supplement their SACE, look at the VET page, then click on the red button for VET opportunities specific to our school.

There’s even a calendar of events which lists all careers related events in Adelaide!

Calendar of events

The Parent section contains all sorts of handy links to other websites, the message board with our key dates and reminders and even part time work section!

The Student Secure Area contains a fantastic array of resources such as Career Quizzes, job videos, VET information, study skills and exam information and Resume writing ideas. All documents for Work Experience are also located on this handy site. The For Parents section contains many valuable resources, such as a documents entitled “Helping your Teenager with Career Planning”. Post School Options allows students to research universities, compare courses, and contains government reports such as the “Beyond School Study Guide” as well as access information such as applying for apprenticeships, traineeships and applying for Austudy. The Career Targets allow students to access careers and information based upon their favourite subjects at school and is all linked to the Good Careers Guide.

Year Ten Work Experience Timeline for Term 1:

  • Parents receive information booklet via Edsmart.
  • Students begin calling and emailing prospective providers, NOW.
  • Apply for any Working with Children / Vulnerable Checks at Department of Human Services (if required).
  • All forms due back to Student Services by Monday 11 April (Week 11 Term 1)

This date is to ensure that WHS risk assessments can be performed, students can access appropriate training (ie White Cards) and all Security Checks can be processed.

Working with Children Checks (WWCC)

Sometimes providers may ask for a WWCC. WWCC need to be applied for by the student and the parent at home via the Department of Human Services website, as the College can no longer facilitate this process. WWCC are free. Go to to lodge your child’s application. Catholic Schools do not require a WWCC for students under 18 years of age, or for those who are volunteering for less than 7 days per year.

The PLP SEQTA page has a great deal of information regarding Work Experience including a sample email template to copy. Ask your PLP teacher for help if you need it.

Defence Forces Work Experience

The Defence Work Experience Program has recommenced for 2022.

There are already a range of work experience opportunities for students advertised on the Defence Work Experience Program website Defence Work Experience Program : Department of Defence and more to come. Open to all students 15+.

These include:

11-14 Apr, Army Familiarisation – RAAF Edinburgh

12-13 May, Army Familiarisation – Keswick Barracks

23-26 May, Air Force Familiarisation – RAAF Edinburgh

28-29 July, Army Familiarisation – Keswick Barracks

19-22 Sep, Air Force Familiarisation – RAAF Edinburgh

27-29 Oct, Army Familiarisation – Keswick Barracks

Students need to be at least 15 years old to participate and must be able to get to the location as public transport options to Edinburgh are extremely limited.

These positions are very competitive so Year 10s please make sure you have a plan B. You can always do two placements or use our days for Community Service. Year 11 and 12s please check the dates against your subject teacher’s calendar.

Apply via the website.

School Based Apprenticeships and Traineeships (SBATs) and Part Time Employment

Presently many organisations are endeavouring to place students on School Based Apprenticeships and Traineeships (SBAT) in order to offset the costs of training them for their part time employment. This is a common occurrence, but one that needs a great deal of thought and consideration, and forms should not be signed until parents and students are aware of the circumstances and requirements. Often, the argument is that these qualifications can be used for SACE, even for the student’s ATAR.

Please be aware of the following issues:

  1. Not all qualifications carry Stage 2 credits (For example, Certificate III in Retail has Stage 1 credits only). I will need to check the SACE VET Register to check for you.
  2. There are ramifications for future VET training, as students may only access two lots of subsidised training packages whilst at school.
  3. Complications may arise from having an ‘open’ training account whilst accessing future VET.
  4. Furthermore, if they are already doing the Certificate III in Film and Media at the College there is no benefit to their SACE.

The following information was sent to VET coordinators from Catholic Education SA (CESA):

“…..many of the traineeship letters schools have reported receiving from HITsa mention that training subsidies are not accessed (ie. the training is self-funded through the employer/RTO arrangement, Fee for Service training within the traineeship/ apprenticeship). Even self-funded (Fee for Service) training associated with School Based Apprenticeships or Traineeships may impact on a students’ ability to access subsidised VET for School training by having an open school-based training account open.

All SBATs in South Australia require Form 1285 to be completed by each party prior to the school receiving a Training Contract for the SBAT. Schools need to discuss the purpose and implications of SBATs with students and families, to ensure that informed decisions regarding training can be made. “ (Louise Murphy - CESA)

Therefore, if your son / daughter is positive that they will not require access to future VET funding / subsidies and the qualification is one that may benefit them obtaining part time work whilst at school / university, and all parties are aware of the implication for future funding then there is no harm in signing an SBAT.

However, in saying that, many students do change their minds part way through Year 11, and decide they would like to participate in VET in Semester 2. Parents and students should be aware of all of the ramifications and implications prior to signing a SBAT. Feel free to contact me and we can discuss this together on

Looking for a part time job?

Ovo Gelato and Dessert Bar is looking for staff after school and weekends.

Students can apply via Instagram @ovo.gelato

Or email

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