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Skills of the Future

It was with great interest that I read the article Trading up: Meet the modern apprentices in last week’s Weekend Australian Magazine as this has been an idea that we have been communicating to students, parents and indeed staff at the College for many years. As previously reported, the idea that a degree alone will equate to a career is long gone, and in fact, not the sure-fire path to success it was once held to be. The uptake in VET at the College shows that our students are interested in careers found both outside of university study, or in combination with it. As the article states, Australia is “in the midst of an apprenticeship boom” as we endeavour to combat shortages of skilled labour. Indeed, the uptake of VET and students wishing to study Certificates II and III in Trades with a view to a career, reflects the increase at a national level.

A good way for students to begin to explore these careers is through Work Experience, which formally occurs at Saint Ignatius’ in Year 10 through the PLP, however, students from Years 11 and even 12 are also encouraged to try a few areas on for size through Work Experience. In fact, in order to access subsidised courses at TAFE it is important to demonstrate an awareness and interest in the area which is best demonstrated through Workplace Learning.

Don’t like getting your hands dirty? A new area which has arisen of late is the “Higher Apprenticeships” and Traineeships in high demand areas such as Cyber Security at TAFE and Digital Technologies such as at RTOs like Skills Lab Students can also apply for traineeships areas such as business, marketing, arts management, retail, hospitality and sport and recreation management

In addition, students who pursue an apprenticeship enjoy a 90% employment rate at the completion of their studies, as opposed to an average of 70% for university graduates – without the burden of a HECS debt. Thus, when discussing careers with your children, it’s crucial that we take into account and explore all avenues of future possible careers, not just those that focus on university study.

Certificate III Film and Media at Saint Ignatius’ College

Parents of all students who are eligible for the Certificate III in Film and Media were sent an Edsmart last week to confirm their participation and fee structures. Could parents please attend to this email as soon as possible so we can confirm numbers for 2022 and enrol students with the RTO. Enrolment cannot be completed retrospectively.

Any queries please email Lisa McDonald on

Work Experience Year 10 – Diary Dates

The College’s Work Experience Program will occur with the Year 10s in the last week of Semester 1, June 28, 29 and 30. Parents and students will receive an Edsmart next week (Week 3) outlining the processes and guidelines for Work Experience. Work Experience is a vital component of the College’s Careers Program for a variety of reasons providing opportunities for students to develop employability skills related to enterprise, encourages students to develop industry-related competencies and enables students to explore potential career choices and pathways.

Year 10 students should now be actively looking for Work Experience placements. Start asking your friends, sports contacts, neighbours … even cold calling businesses.

For students in other year levels, don't forget to adjust the dates on the Learning Agreement Form. You must also see Mrs McDonald to complete a WHS "refresher" on Career Tools and attach it to your forms prior to completing your placement.

Email Mrs Lisa McDonald for all forms and guidelines for Work Experience on

Timeline for Term 1

  • Parents receive information booklet via Edsmart in Week 3.
  • Students begin calling and emailing prospective providers, Week 3.
  • Apply for any Working with Children / Vulnerable Checks at Department of Human Services (if required).
  • All forms due back to student Services by Monday April 11 (Week 11 Term 1)

This date is to ensure that WHS risk assessments can be performed, students can access appropriate training (ie White Cards) and all Security Checks can be processed.

Private Instrument Music Tuition Lessons
From the Head of Junior School