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Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone was first published on the 26 June 1997 with a run of 500 books. Twenty-five years on and children all over the world are still reading it and if last week is any indication still loving it with a passion. It's difficult to know if Harry Potter will maintain its popularity over the next century and go on to be a modern classic but what I do know, as a teacher librarian it that it has been a catalyst, encouraging many children and to start reading and then to go on to appreciate literature of all kinds. Whether it is a classic or not is debatable but there is no doubt, Harry Potter combines several irresistible elements - enduring friendships, triumph of good over evil, humour and of course dazzling magic.

Last week the library celebrated all things Harry Potter, we started with Butterbeer at recess on the first day and the construction of Lego Hogwarts got underway at lunch. There were displays, jigsaw puzzles, an escape room challenge and the week culminated in a Tri-wizard Kahoot. There have been some wonderful conversations about Harry Potter and so much fun has been had by all.

Lucy De Palma
Coordinator of Library Services

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