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This year at the Junior School we have celebrated Friendship Weeks throughout Weeks 7 and 8.

In Week 7, our Reception classes were involved in a Mission called ‘Why Can’t We Be Friends?’ that was presented to them by Richard Rowland from FYI Drug and Health Education. We also held a whole school assembly where our Year Six student leaders presented information relating to the Friendology Program – Friendship Facts, the difference between a ‘friendship fire’ and ‘mean-on-purpose’ behaviour and tips to be a good friend!

Our Monday Liturgy in Week 8 was led by students in 5 Gold and they presented a beautiful liturgy with friendship the focus.

Also in Week 8, our Year One and Two students participated in a ‘Fuzzies and Friends’ workshop. This skills-based workshop explored with students many strategies to foster healthy, feel-good friendships.

Students in Years 3- 6 attended workshops with each year level exploring a different theme. Our Year Three students looked at what it means to ‘Belong’ and how to build inclusive school communities. For our Year Fours, the theme was ‘Unite’ and aimed at empowering the students with strategies to promote a culture of taking action to support each other. The Year Five theme was ‘Step Up’ where they explored their individual capabilities to take positive action on causes and issues that are important to them. The theme for our Year Sixes was ‘Sync’ which looked at the opportunities and challenges of online communication and how they can navigate the online world together.

Throughout the two weeks, individual classes have been involved in their Friendology lessons and classes spent extra time hanging out with their ‘buddies’.

As a craft activity, the Primary students immersed themselves in the art of origami and made paper cranes. Over time the paper crane has become a symbol of peace, hope, love, and healing in challenging times, as we think about our friends near and far, particularly those in Turkey and Syria who have been affected by tragedies. All students were involved in the art activity of decorating a hand. Every student’s hand will be displayed together, representing the idea that we are all individuals, but when we put our hands and hearts together, we can make a difference and feel a sense of belonging.

It has certainly been a fun-filled two weeks (although the origami making tested a few teachers!) and I hope the activities that the students have been involved in has provided them with many strategies and learnings to assist them now and in the years to come.

Dave Carey
Director of Student Wellbeing - Junior School

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