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On Friday June 23, The SA Refugee Week Youth Poster Awards Exhibition took place at the Adelaide Festival Centre. Fergus Richmond, a Year Eight Art student was successful in that his poster was selected for this high-profile show. Three hundred and fifty posters were entered into the competition with eighty being chosen across three categories: primary, secondary and tertiary. Fergus did extremely well competing against secondary school students across the state.

To quote Andrew Hill AM, the Project Director, “Refugee Week is a reminder of the fractured nature of our world, with refugees bearing witness to both the complexities and breakdowns of harmonious coexistence within their many troubled lands.” The overarching theme of the exhibition displayed this tragedy through a variety of powerful hand-drawn and digitally rendered posters.

Fergus expressed the plight of the refugee through stylized versions of figures fleeing. The bright yellow airplane symbolises both fleeing danger and safe refuge. His use of text, “let everyone come” reminds us of our duty to provide protection to those in distress. Fergus worked exceptionally well and with purpose while designing and executing his work. I felt proud to accept Fergus’s certificate as he was unable to attend the exhibition.

Saint Ignatius is committed to continue to inspire students, within the Art and Design disciplines, to use their voice in visually powerful and engaging ways.

Congratulations Fergus.

Mary-Anne Hobbs
Curriculum Coordinator of Art and Design.

IMG 9016 004

Fergus' Artwork

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