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I am very excited to announce our Drama Captains for 2023 to our Ignatian Community. Alicia Hammond (CSY-2) and Neve Sargeant (XSY-2). are both strong and skilled performers in all aspects of the Creative Arts and have been developing their performance skills for many years. Both girls will bring a wealth of knowledge and experience and passion to the role. They will be strong advocates to all of our Creative Arts students this year. I am very excited to work with both Alicia and Neve.

Karen Sheldon
Curriculum Coordinator of Drama


My name is Alicia Hammond, and I am one of the Drama Captains for 2023! I have been involved in musical theatre since I was 7 years old when I made my stage debut as 'Marta' in Gilbert & Sullivan's production of The Sound of Music. Musical Theatre has been a massive part of my life since then, allowing me to play many amazing roles such as Elle Woods, Matilda, and most recently for Saint Ignatius’, Elphaba in Wicked. I was lucky enough to be cast as Brigitta in the Professional Australian Production of The Sound of Music in 2016, where I performed in the Festival Theatre, which was an amazing experience that I will cherish forever!! I am so grateful for the opportunity to be Drama Co-Captain and cannot wait to work together with Neve throughout this year to encourage and support other students to love drama as much as we do.

Hammond Alicia


My name is Neve Sargeant and I began dance at 3 years of age and singing lessons at 8 years, although I had always loved singing and putting on performances for my family before this. I began my theatre journey in 2018 performing in the Little Mermaid Jr as Scuttle and Hairspray and Little Inez. I have continued performing in both community and school productions since then, playing roles such as Fizzy (Bugsy Malone), Nessarose (Wicked), and Gretchen Weiners (Mean Girls Jr). Most recently I performed in a pilot program production of 9 to 5 Jr where I was fortunate enough to play the role of the principal character Violet Newstead. I am so grateful to be Co-Captain of Drama at Saint Ignatius’ for 2023 and look forward to working with Alicia and with the Saint Ignatius’ students to encourage and support them in their theatre and performance journey.

Sargeant Neve
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