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Congratulations to all participants from Reception to Year 6 who took part in the 2024 Junior School Diary Art Competition. The objective was to craft an artwork that embodies the theme "Ignite your heart" for the cover of the 2024 student diary. Participants had the flexibility to use various materials, such as markers, pencils, paint, or collage, on an A4-sized paper. The entries were showcased on Mission Fete day. Students had the opportunity to vote for their favourite artwork in the "People's Choice Award” whilst a panel, headed by Mr. Boys, made the decision on which artwork would grace the cover of our 2024 diary.

We extend our congratulations to Siena Boys for winning the People's Choice Award and to Cecilia Fan for earning the honour of having her artwork featured on the 2024 diary cover.

Anne Mercorella
Religious Education, Ignatian Ethos Coordinator - Junior School

Cecilia Fan and Siena Boys Diary Art Winners 2023

Cecilia Fan and Siena Boys

Siena Boys peoples choice winner diary art competition 2023

People's Choice Award winner: Siena Boys

Cecilia Fan diary art competition winner 2023 banner

2024 Junior School Diary Art Competition winner: Cecilia Fan

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