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In recent weeks, our students in Year 5 and Year 3 participated in two meaningful Days of Reflection. These days allowed our young learners to explore their faith and provided opportunities for self-discovery and spiritual growth.

Year 5: Exploring Vocations and Service

The Year 5 students embarked on a reflective journey centred around the theme of "Vocations - how God calls Christians to lead lives dedicated to serving others." This contemplative day took place at the Mary Mackillop Museum, an historically significant location conveniently situated just across from our Junior School.

During this special day, our students had the privilege of immersing themselves in the life and teachings of St. Mary MacKillop. One of the fundamental takeaways from this experience was the recognition of the significance of harnessing one's unique gifts and talents. The day underscored the importance of using these gifts to undertake good deeds and to become men and women for others.

Year 3: Embracing Reconciliation

The Year 3 Day of Reflection focused on the theme of 'Reconciliation,' a concept deeply rooted in our Catholic faith . This special day allowed our young learners to explore the importance of seeking forgiveness as a means to heal their relationships with others and God.

Through a series of reflective activities and discussions, our Year 3 students delved into the theme of reconciliation. This day provided a unique opportunity for students to reflect on their actions and relationships, fostering a sense of responsibility and empathy towards others.

As a school community, we are immensely proud of the growth and development displayed by our students during these Days of Reflection. It is through such experiences that we continue to nurture young hearts and minds on their journey of faith.

Anne Mercorella
Religious Education, Ignatian Ethos Coordinator

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