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In our efforts to continue to support our students to be responsible digital citizens we invited Cybersafe Families to present their Cyber Safety Education Program to our students in Years 3 – 6.

The aim of these sessions was to support positive online experiences and digital citizenship by encouraging students to navigate their way around their online world with safety, respect and responsibility. Each session was customised, interactive and engaging for the students and covered the latest up to date information to complement the already valuable messages being shared by our school community.

The safety of our students is of paramount importance to us, and we always endeavour to encourage safe online behaviours. This visit from Cybersafe Families reinforced and built upon the teachings already provided to the students this year.

Danielle Verrilli
Coordinator of Student Counselling & Pastoral Care

Dave Carey
Director of Student Wellbeing

Year 4 Cybersafe Families Workshop presenter Dustin Fromm

Dustin Fromm from Cybersafe Families speaking to our Year 4 students

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