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Due to the changes in COVID isolation rules as of last Friday, CESA have advised the following:

  • Staff and students are no longer mandated to self-isolate if tested positive, however it should be emphasised that staff and families should stay away if displaying symptoms
  • SA Health (via CESA) still requires records of staff and students who have tested positive, therefore please advise the College in the normal way if you test positive
  • Students who test positive may attend school providing they remain asymptomatic
  • Staff in early childhood settings are still encouraged to undertake RAT surveillance testing (Monday, Wednesday and Friday) but testing is not mandated.
  • Outbreak management remains the same with testing to be recommended for asymptomatic classroom contacts where there are 5 or more positive cases in a class/room over 7 days
  • Mask wearing is only required in specific instances where an outbreak reaches the threshold (10 or more cases in one home room/class over 7 days or 5 or more cases in 5 home rooms/classes over 7 days)
  • Close contacts on camps remains unchanged

Please feel free to contact the College if you have any queries.

A note from Barbara Watkins Principal 2023
From the Head of Senior School