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Last weekend a few of our Year 12 students spent the day at the University of Adelaide in the EXTERRES Lab, where they built several PiBot rovers. These will be used for research and outreach purposes for humanity’s next phase of exploration on the Moon and Mars.
Find out more about the EXTERRES Lab HERE, and the University of Adelaide’s Andy Thomas Centre for Space Resources HERE.

Building Rovers at Uo A 2

Tiernan Farries, Daniel Di Giovanni, Christian Dunn, Daniel Callisto, Tristan Lobo, Bhavya Patel, Mark Jaksa, Nicholas Jaksa, Nathan Du and Michelle McLeod - University of Adelaide Teacher-in-residence.

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Code Camp is where parents of kids aged 5-13 years discover fun school holiday activities that empower children to get creative with technology.Your kids can design, code, create and have fun with friends at Code Camp. Our holiday camps take place over 2-3 days or you can join the fun online from the comfort of home.

Find out more HERE.

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