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Old Ignatian (Class of 1980) Mark Gibbens and father of Joshua (Year 8) is putting his body on the line again. Following on from his successful Walk Across Australia for Cancer Research, he is now attempting a world record bike ride and in the process raising much needed funds for Kids Cancer Research. He will be 'Everesting' this Easter, so if you still need to reduce your tax burden please donate.

For those of you who have not heard of 'Everesting', it is fiendishly simple: Pick any hill in the world and ride repeats of it, up and down until you have climbed 8,848 vertical metres - the equivalent height of Mt Everest. Some people have done this very quickly, in the order of 7 hours. Others not content with doing one, have gone on to do two, three or four consecutively as an endurance event.

At 59, I am well past being the fastest, but am confident enough to think I could do a world record five consecutive 'Everests' and raise some money for the Childrens Leukemia and Cancer Research Foundation (CLCRF). A reputable organisation that I have been associated with since walking across Australia in 2009.

Please donate to the CLCRF to get me to the start line - just past Devil's Elbow on the old freeway on Easter Friday, 15 April, 2022. All I ask for putting my body and sanity on the line is that you double your donation if I achieve a world record five 'Everests'.

To achieve this feat I will be doing: 8,848 vertical metres x 5 = 44 240 Vm = 290 laps = 1,800km = 900km @ 4.9% gradient = 5 days

If you're curious about what it takes to do this event, Cycling Tips magazine has an interesting article about a 4x 'Everesting' at

If you want to cheer me on to the finish please donate to:

Please consider doubling your donation if I actually achieve the world record.

Kindest regards for your support
Mark Gibbens

Mark Gibbens Everesting
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