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Week 5 sees the commencement of Senior School Co-curricular Music for 2022. Please use the Rehearsal Schedule for start times and days of rehearsals. There may be some instances where students have a clash with another activity or sport. In those instances we ask that students communicate this to Mr Dohse and arrangements for alternating can be made. We want to make sure that all students have an opportunity to be involved in everything they have signed up for. For before school rehearsals we ask that students arrive with plenty of time to warm-up and prepare. Times marked on the schedule are start times rather than arrival times. Students with rehearsals at lunch time will be given appropriate time to eat their lunch. It is preferred that these students refrain from ordering their lunch on these days to avoid delays in lining up. We do appreciate that this might not always be possible. After school rehearsals will commence at 3:35pm. Students are asked to make their way to the Music Department as soon as they have packed up from their last lesson. This will help us get the most out of all rehearsals.

If a student is unable to attend a rehearsal due to prior commitments, we ask that this be communicated to Mr Chirnside and Mr Dohse, via email, prior to the rehearsal. Any students who are absent from rehearsals without notice will be followed up and there may be a need to attend a Reflection and Discernment session as a consequence.

There have been a handful of changes made to some of the ensembles for 2022. Mr Dohse will be taking both Senior Concert Band and Senior Stage Band while Mr Millar is on leave for Term 1. There is no longer a Liturgical Ensemble, however students in other ensembles will have an opportunity to sing and play at College Masses throughout the year. We are adding a Middle Years string quartet through the Bellarmine Chamber Players. Details of auditions for this have been communicated to students through the notices. We will also hold auditions for students new to the Senior School who wish to be involved in Senior Vocal Ensemble, Arrupe Vocal Ensemble, Senior Stage Band or Bellarmine Stage Band.

If any students or parents have any questions or concerns about Co-curricular Music, please do not hesitate to get in touch with Mr Dohse:

We are all very much looking forward to a great year of Co-curricular Music.

Mr Aaron Dohse
Coordinator of Co-curricular Music, Arts & Activities
Coordinator of Liturgical Music

From the Careers Department
Understanding Adolescence