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On Friday 4 March the Junior School participated in Clean Up Australia Day. The Environment Leaders (Dante and Samantha) promoted this with the assistance of Christopher, Aleksandra and Lalia.

Reception–Year 2 students watched a video from YouTube titled Recycling Facts for Kids – Why is Recycling Important, in class and completed a quiz Which bin does it go in? Year 3–6 students were introduced to Clean Up Australia Day with a speech by Ale and Lalia and then watched a video produced by Caritas Australia. Finally students participated in a Kahoot quiz designed by Christopher in Year 6.

After recess, I spoke with students in 2 Gold and later we participated in an Emu Parade to clear up the 'after recess mess'. (Photos below)

Year 6 students gathered to hear from Ale and Lalia who explained the purposed of Clean Up Australia Day.

Mrs Adele Polyak
Co-ordinator Ignatian Student Leadership, Junior School

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