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On Wednesday night, March 1st, a Challenge Program Parent Night was held at Saint Ignatius’ Senior School in the Flynn Theatre. It was wonderful to see so many parents attend the evening. A presentation was given by the Gifted and Talented Coordinator (Kathy Wills) about the many opportunities that are offered in the Gifted and Talented Program at our school and the program that we offer to engage and support students.

Our guest speaker, Dr Rebecca Napier from the consultancy service, ’Gifted Pathways’, delivered a presentation on ‘The Gifted Journey’ and ‘The Challenges of Perfectionism in Gifted Students’. The night was well attended with many opportunities for discussion and interaction. It was an informative and thought provoking event for all

Kathryn Wills
Gifted and Talented Coordinator

IMG 3052 002

Dr Rebecca Napier and Kathryn Wills

Student Information Session: Senior School Musical
From the Careers Department