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During week 8 of term 1, and week 6 of term 2, our budding Stage 1 and Stage 2 Ignatius Biologists travelled to the University of Adelaide, city campus, to explore life under the microscope. The tour began at Adelaide Microscopy where students were introduced to the important and varied work that the staff there undertake for various organisations State-wide. They were shown the TEM Tecnai G2 Spirit, the SEM Quanta 450, as well as the Cryo-TEM FEI Glacios. Students were able to see first-hand just how these powerful tools could be used to ascertain cell structure, confirm visually the effectiveness of disease treatment, investigate the compound eye of a mosquito or map the 3D structure of proteins. Students were then taken on a tour of the newly renovated Biomedical Science building where they were able to have a play with some very sophisticated light microscopes and view some not so sophisticated materials such as air pod ear wax, hidden messages on money and keratin debris under their finger nails. This excursion was a fantastic opportunity for students to see how the knowledge they acquire in the classroom is applied in an occupational setting, as well as have some fun and play with some very cool equipment!

Emma Toker
Senior School Science Teacher

Microscope Pic 2023

Student looking at an image using different wavelengths of light

Microscope 10 dollar note

Kiet, Johan and Vincent looking in amazement at the hidden Waltzing Matilda on the $10 note

Microscope Group Pic

Students getting a close look at some bacteriophages with the TEM microscope

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