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On Wednesday 31 May, a group of Stage 1 and 2 Philosophy students attended the ‘Big Ideas for Curious Minds’ event, where Julie Arliss and Dr. Christopher O’Neill shall presented to students from a range of Adelaide schools. Ms Arliss and Dr O’Neill are academic staff of Harris Manchester College, University of Oxford, who led engaging discussions on a range of contemporary topics. There were many relevant discussions, perfect accompaniment to the Stage One and Two Philosophy programmes at the College such as where our Year 12s are currently studying ‘Happiness as the Goal of Life’.

This program was an incredibly fulfilling experience that expanded my knowledge and thinking in many ways. Every session presented by the speakers has cultivated in me an even greater appreciation for philosophy and its importance in all academic disciplines.

Elizabeth Nguyen, Year 11, Stage 2 Philosophy

My highlight of the day was finding out how deep relationships are formed and strengthened; by singing together, dancing together, laughing, and sharing stories.

Siena Eliseo, Year 10, Stage 1 Philosophy

The event not only educated us on new ideas surrounding ethics and epistemology, but also, more importantly, helped us learn how to think and work through arguments soundly and logically.

Mehar Bains, Year 10, Stage 1 Philosophy

The topics of presentation from both speakers allowed me to step into understanding the various fields of philosophy and their prevalence in our lives, especially in the realm of social physics and big data and how this impacts our ability to be truly individual. I feel this is especially relevant with the focus on AI technology, and I'm really interested to see how philosophy and growing technology will interact in the near future.

Juliet Mazur, Year 10, Stage 1 Philosophy

Many thanks to Mr Remo Borgo for his organisation and endeavour in providing this enriching and engaging learning opportunity for our students.

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